Allowing Your Alignment with the Law of Attraction

law of attraction Allowing Your Alignment with the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction Alignment

When you are in alignment—with Source, with your Highest self, what have you—you are allowing, or the complete opposite of resisting; you are connected, integrated, and implemented. This is the greatest feeling in the world because it is the emotion from which all other positive emotions spring from: love. Self-love is the ultimate love because when you find it, when you really truly feel it you also feel love for everything else in existence.

When you are in alignment you are also allowing, which means you are not forcing anything, you are not attached to anything, and you are simply allowing the energy to flow through and around you. For example, when you experience something that displeases you there are two options: to either observe the experience and acknowledge its essential qualities, or to identify the experience and label it with judgment. The former keeps you in alignment while the latter introduces resistance and therefore its persistence.

Everything is either a challenge or blessing, and when you come to see the challenging features of a situation it either begins to vacate your reality or simply exhibit its blessing in your eyes. I’m sure you’ve heard that you only keep making a mistake until you’ve finally learned your lesson; well this same principal applies to all things, once you’ve realized the purpose of a particular experience you will no longer have that experience, or you will begin to see it in a new light.

Law of Attraction Allowing

Once you’ve gained this awareness you can train yourself to see the beauty in all things. That’s right you can actually train your mind to believe something, as proposed by Tony Robbins, doing so in one of two ways: repetition or visualization. If you repeat an affirmation enough times you begin to believe it, and if you can visualize something well enough you can actually trick your unconscious mind into believing it, therefore manifesting the evidence to support your belief.

You only see what you are equipped to see, so when you begin to believe something the indications will show up in your perception whereas they were always there yet you were unable to perceive them from your point of limited perspective.

If perception is your reality, and it is, it can be seen as a lens through which you see the world that is preceded by and directly stemmed from your perspectives of sentient, mental, and emotional awareness, meaning that it is both contingent and constituted of these fundamental natures. This is precisely why the majority of the world’s population is both critical and superficial, although that is another subject altogether, the point being that many have a limited perspective from which they perceive the world and interact with others of the same or a similar vibrational standpoint.

law of attraction alignment Allowing Your Alignment with the Law of Attraction

Abundance in the Law of Attraction

Everything is vibration energy so what you perceive you are attracting back to you. Keeping that in mind your consciousness is far more expanded by alignment than it is constricted by resistance, though it may not seem so. The law of attraction is always working to bring you things that match not only your thoughts and feelings, but your perceptions as well.

This awareness alone is so expressive and magnanimous in nature it literally is just the tip of the iceberg and very freeing all the same. When you know that what you see in the world is what you get back it drives you to change the way you see things. In the words of Wayne Dyer, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

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Love and light brothers and sisters. Namaste.

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