12 Steps to Self Care

12 steps to self care 12 Steps to Self Care

The 12 steps to self care could be called the 12 steps to the law of attraction. Each step goes further and further into what releases resistance and raises your frequency. There areĀ so many things that raise your vibration, many of which are on this list. Number 12 is probably the best one, considering God is love. When you are feeling love you are literally one with your Higher Self, Source energy flowing through every fiber of your being.

Create Financial Abundance

How do you create financial abundance? The secret to the harnessing the powerful law of attraction is to begin perceiving yourself as abundant, simple as that. Here is one process that has personally worked for me: keep a hundred dollar bill in your wallet or money clip at all times, that way when you pay for anything you see that hundred dollar bill and it reminds you of the abundance that you already possess as well as that which is on its way to you. If you are interested in learning to create financial abundance click here.

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